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Rules & Regulations

Cycling New Zealand Schools events will be conducted under the Cycling New Zealand Schools - Rules - 25 May 2022

All riders should familiarise themselves with complete rules. 
These rules are not intended to be a complete code for school cycling events. Instead, these rules have been approved by the Cycling New Zealand Schools Executive on the basis that school cycling events shall also be governed by Cycling New Zealand Road and Track, Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ) Technical Regulations and UCI Rules as modified by these rules provided that:
1.2.1. in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these rules and the Cycling New Zealand Road and Track, MTBNZ or UCI Rules, these rules shall prevail; and

1.2.2. matters not covered by these rules will be considered by the Technical Committee of Cycling New Zealand Schools appointed from time to time and any decisions will be guided by the Cycling New Zealand Road and Track, MTBNZ, or UCI Rules and other applicable rules or regulations made by Cycling New Zealand or applicable to Cycling New Zealand sanctioned events.