At the University of Canterbury, you will find the UC Bike Club!

Through the UC Bike Club there is a group here to organise MTB rides, and a group here to organise road rides.

Club Contact:


Aline MTB:

For MTB riders, it's encouraged to join Aline MTB where you can get support from John Jones in the MTB Community and be a part of a good group atmosphere. Click here for more info.


Aotearoa Bike Challenge:

Many University staff and students take part in Aotearoa Bike Challenge in February each year. Click here for more info.


University Recreation Centre:

There are casual spin classes offered at the University Recreation Centre. Click here for more info. 


At the University of Otago, you will find the Otago University Bike Club!

They are looking to foster anyone with a bike, and would love for you to make them a known entity within your circles.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook, and there's also a members only group. 

They will cater for all bikes, connecting roadies, mountain bikers and commuters alike. They are looking to go full steam for summer, but currently offer weekly road/mtb group rides, and will look to incorporate a pedal and pint evening once daylight savings works in favour for anything past 5pm. 

They look forward to seeing you, should you choose Otago.

Club Contact:


Find all the latest info about cycling at the University of Waikato on their website here.

There's a Cycling Facebook group you can join. And check out the local Hamilton Mountain Bike Club and the Hamilton City Cycling Club. Being located in Hamilton, the Grassroots Trust Velodrome isn't far away - check out the track sessions available here.

University of Waikato Contact:


UniRec Gym:

At the University of Waikato gym; UniRec, you can book in to their REV classes as a great way to keep fit using the Coach by Colour programme. Find all the info and the timetable here.

At the Victoria University of Wellington, mountain biking is a popular choice! Wellington is a mountain biker's paradise and students can experience this first-hand while achieving a high-quality tertiary education. Click here to find out what opportunities are available on their website and you can join the MTB Facebook group for more.

There's also a flyer here you can check out with some trails info, events and community, dedicated MTB student accommodation and athlete support.

Victoria University of Wellington Contact: