The Schools Cycling Toolkit has been developed as a ‘Cycling 101’ for parents, teachers, coaches and riders who have limited knowledge of cycling and are looking to start up a cycling team. It can also be a useful resource for those who already have a cycling programme but are looking for support, assistance and ideas. The toolkit provides details, information, examples, ideas and resources to ensure newcomers to the sport have a positive and easy experience.


The resources and templates included in this toolkit should be used as a guide only. We encourage you to develop your resources and plans based on your location, event, school and students, and their skill development levels and coaching needs.


We have included information that we believe is useful and will provide you with a framework for establishing a cycling team at your school. Cycling New Zealand and Cycling New Zealand Schools are available to provide support and advice, and welcome your queries.


Good luck, have fun and be safe out there!

Schools Cycling Toolkit