How can we help?

Do you have a question for, want to provide feedback to or raise a concern with, CNZ Schools. In relation to the following areas, please refer to, or contact, the following:

General Administration: Contact


Affiliation and Licensing: See information here or contact


Technical: See our current Rules here or contact Mark Donald.


Coaching and Education: See information here or contact Chris Ginders or Mark Donald


Sponsorship/Support/Donations: Contact Brynn Gilbertson, Brian Thompson or Chris Sanson. A sponsorship template is available here.


Regional Opportunities: See information here or contact your Regional Rep.


Resources: Resources on a range of subjects can be found on our website including a School Toolkit (a “Cycling 101” for parents, teachers, coaches and riders who are new to cycling) here and the Balance is Better philosophy here.


Contact details for our Regional Reps and the other persons named above can be found here. We also have a Schools Focus Group made of current school cyclists here.



All our events will have an event manual which provides the key information specific to that event. Any complaints or protests relating to an event will be dealt with in accordance with the disputes procedure of our Cycling New Zealand Schools – Rules. Post event surveys are available to provide feedback on our events.