Schools Focus Group


The Cycling New Zealand Schools Focus group is for a selected group of school cyclists who, on behalf of their fellow riders, provide feedback and advocate for the continued development of the Schools Cycling programme.

The Focus Group is established by the Cycling New Zealand Schools (CNZS) Executive and is maintained by Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) through their partnership agreement.

The purpose of the Focus Group is to support the continued development of the Schools cycling programme with the following focus.

  • To provide feedback on how to increase participation and growth in schools cycling;
  • To advocate for cycling as a sport in their school and region;
  • To advocate the ‘Balance is better’ philosophy and provide feedback to support the initiative through to Sport NZ;
  • To ensure relevant and appropriate information is being provided through the available platforms;
  • To help to ensure that a sustainable, suitable and effective range of support and information exists to support student’s continuation in the sport of cycling post school.

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The eight students below will be working together during 2020 to help improve Schools Cycling. Keep an eye out for more from them across social media!