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National School Road Championships

Road & Track
29 September 2024 - 1 October 2024

CNZ Schools:

The 2024 National School Road Championships will be held on 29 September - 1 October in Timaru hosted by Cycling South Canterbury.

Sunday 29 September: Road Race based at Fairview Hall

Monday 30 September: Team Time Trial based at Fairview Hall

Tuesday 1 October: Points Race at Levels International Motor Raceway

Click here for the final pre-event email with all the final info - TBC

Click here for the provisional Event Manual - at 26 June 2024


Start Lists


*Please note this is all subject to change.

Course Maps

Click here for the Road Race, Team Time Trial and Points Race Course Maps and Descriptions.

It is recognised that the Boys and Girls road race distances differ and while there are proficient riders in the girls grade it is a philosophy of CNZS to ensure the races are accessible to as many girls as possible. The comparative distances have been tried in the past and it very quickly became evident that this was not a positive approach.


Volunteer Programme

Schools are asked to provide one volunteer for every five riders, please register your volunteers in Enter Now before entries close.

All volunteers should be over the age of 18, be confident in their role and wear fully enclosed footwear. All equipment required for the role will be given out on the day, such as high-vis vests. Click here to read the Commitment of Volunteering agreement. Please contact if you have any questions.



Age as at 31 December 2024.

Individual Races: U20, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13 boys and girls  

Teams Race: Senior (U20), Junior (U16) and Year 7 & 8

The size of team for the Team Time Trial is:
U20: 5 riders with time taken on the 4th rider (4 to finish)
U16 and Y7&8: 4 riders with time taken on 3rd rider (3 to finish)
At a minimum competitors must be enrolled in Year 7

Entries will open on Wednesday 1 May 2024.

Schools must be affiliated for 2024 and follow the 6 Step by Step Guide here before they will be able to enter this event.

Click here to view the live entry list.  


Entry Fees

Road Race = $70 per rider

Points Race = $70 per rider

Team Time Trial = $110 per team

Entries Close Invoices Emailed to Schools Payments must be Received (otherwise the students will not be eligible to race)
5pm Wednesday 11 September Thursday 12 September Thursday 26 September


Composite Teams - Team Time Trial
If you are entering a Composite team please advise us by adding COMPOSITE into the team name in Enter Now and by emailing to confirm. See CNZ Schools Rules for more information. Composite teams are eligible to compete and will be recognised on the podium if they place in the top 3, however as per the current Schools Cycling Rules, they are ineligible to receive a medal.


Refund Policy

Refunds requested after the entry closing date will only be processed on the presentation of a medical certificate. All refunds will incur a $25 administration fee.


Terms and Conditions

Click here for the event terms and conditions.

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24-Apr-2024 Individuals 
#7 29-Mar-2024 7-Apr-2024 2-May-2024 Individuals 
#8 8-Apr-2024 18-Apr-2024 15-May-2024 Individuals 
#9 19-Apr-2024 28-Apr-2024 22-May-2024 Individuals 
#10 29-Apr-2024 9-May-2024 5-Jun-2024 Individuals 
#11 10-May-2024 19-May-2024 11-Jun-2024 Individuals 
#12 20-May-2024 30-May-2024 26-Jun-2024 Individuals 
#13 31-May-2024 9-Jun-2024 4-Jul-2024 Individuals 
#14 10-Jun-2024 20-Jun-2024 11-Jul-2024 Individuals 
#15 21-Jun-2024 30-Jun-2024 24-Jul-2024 Individuals 
#16 1-Jul-2024 11-Jul-2024 6-Aug-2024 Individuals 
#17 12-Jul-2024 21-Jul-2024 14-Aug-2024 Individuals 
#18 22-Jul-2024 1-Aug-2024 27-Aug-2024 Individuals
#19 2-Aug-2024 11-Aug-2024 4-Sep-2024 Individuals
#20 12-Aug-2024 22-Aug-2024 17-Sep-2024 Individuals
#21 23-Aug-2024 1-Sep-2024 25-Sep-2024 Individuals
#22 2-Sep-2024 12-Sep-2024 8-Oct-2024 Individuals
#23 13-Sep-2024 22-Sep-2024 16-Oct-2024 Individuals
#24 23-Sep-2024 3-Oct-2024 30-Oct-2024 Individuals
#25 4-Oct-2024 13-Oct-2024 8-Nov-2024 Individuals


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Racing will be conducted under the Cycling New Zealand Schools Rules. All riders should familiars themselves with the complete Rules under which racing will be conducted.


Health and Safety 
Everyone has a responsibly towards Health and Safety at an event.

The safety of the riders, officials, volunteer and spectators are included in the event planning. This includes (but not limited to) road restrictions, traffic management and event advisories to the local businesses and residents.

The event takes place a mix of urban residential and rural roads. It is your responsibility to manage your own safety during the event, to be aware of other road users at all times and to make responsible decisions. There is traffic management in place however, the roads are OPEN and there will be public and official traffic on the circuit during your race.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Health and Safety please report to the Chief Commissaire or to the Race Director. 

2023 Results

Team Time Trial Road Race Points Race Top School Points


2022 Results

Team Time Trial Road Race Results Points Race Results Top School Points


2021 Results:

This event was unfortunately cancelled.


2020 Results:

This event was unfortunately cancelled.


2019 Results:

Team Time Trial Road Race Points Race Team Points


2018 Results:

Team Time Trial Road Race Points Race

Team Points


2017 Results:

Team Time Trial Road Race Points Race Team Points


2016 Results:

Team Time Trial Road Race Points Race Teams Points


2015 Results:

Team Time Trial Road Race Points Race Team Points


Historical School Road Championships:

1998 - 2009 Schools Road National Championship 2010 - 2017 Past Results