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Skoda North Island Cyclo Cross Championships

24 July 2021 - 24 July 2021
Hutt Valley

Event Details 

The 2021 Skoda North Island School Cyclo-cross Championships will be held in Hutt Valley on 24 July and hosted by the team at Hutt Cross. 

Grade Duration
U20 45 minutes
U17 30 minutes
U16 30 minutes
U15 30 minutes
U14 20 minutes
U13 20 minutes


For more details on Schools Cycling Cyclo-cross, see Section 7 in the Schools Cycling Regs here

Age as at 31 December 2021.


Individual Races:

U20, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13 boys and girls 


Refund Policy

Refunds requested after the entry closing date will only be considered on the presentation of a medical certificate prior to the event taking place. All refunds will incur a $20 administration fee.


The event is run in accordance to Cycling New Zealand School Rules.

Health and Safety

Everyone has a responsibility towards Health and Safety at an event.

The safety of the riders, officials, volunteer and spectators are included in the event planning. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Health and Safety please report to the Chief Commissaire or to the Event Manager.



School Sport New Zealand

Entry Details
Entries will open at the start of Term 2. Entries must be completed through your school only through Enter Now. No individual entries will be accepted. Schools must be affiliated with Cycling New Zealand Schools before they can enter.

2021 results will be posted here.

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