Cycling New Zealand Schools Event Update - 3 September 2021

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Cycling New Zealand Schools Event Update

This is an update on the status of the remaining three sanctioned schools events and the ability to support their ongoing delivery based on current and future Covid-19 alert levels. 

This includes the following events (dates and host venues):                                    

  • SKODA National Road Championships: 2 – 4 October - Timaru
  • SKODA National MTB Championships: 11 – 14 October - Blenheim
  • SKODA South Island Track Championships: 12 - 13 October – Invercargill

Cycling New Zealand Schools and our organisers continue to support the intent of the government guidelines and the national health response to Covid-19.  We are committed to supporting our schools, riders, event organisers, and doing our best within the intent of the guidelines to make these events happen while ensuring the events remain safe, fair and fun, financially sustainable and provide an appropriate level of competition.

Taking into account the government are due to make their next announcement on Monday 6th September with regards to the Alert Level status for the ‘rest of New Zealand’ (excluding Auckland) region we are proposing to provide a further update on Tuesday 7th September.  This update will outline our expected position in alternative scenarios and key decision dates for each of the remaining events.

Here are some of factors we will be taking into consideration in making our decisions:

  • Health and safety of all those attending the event
  • Government requirements and guidelines and the intent of those guidelines
  • Any directives from Schools Sport NZ
  • Alert Levels in the host regions
  • Expected timing of future government updates
  • Guidelines in delivering events at different Alert Levels
  • Any restrictions on travel between regions at different Alert Levels
  • Impact of riders not able to travel in Alert Levels 3 or 4 – from an integrity and financial perspective
  • Willingness of schools to endorse travel at different Alert Levels
  • Current entries

We are doing our best to give the events a chance to go ahead, however we understand our timelines around decisions may not work for everyone.  Schools (and parents and riders) are empowered to make their own decisions with regards to supporting these events and if our decisions will come too late for some then we understand they will need to make their own decision on whether to attend or not. If you have entered and wish to withdraw your entry then please contact

If you are intending to enter if the events go ahead, we also ask that you enter your riders so we are making the decisions with the most accurate information we have (payment is not required at the time of entry).

We will be back in touch on Tuesday 7th September. 

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