Cycling New Zealand Schools Event Update


Cycling New Zealand Schools Event Update


This is an update on the status of the remaining three sanctioned schools events and the ability to support their ongoing delivery based on current and future alert levels.

This includes the following events:                                     

  • National Road Championships: 26 – 28 September
  • National MTB Championships: 2 – 4 October
  • National Track Championships: 6 – 7 October


Cycling New Zealand Schools continue to support the intent of the government guidelines and the national health response to Covid-19.

We recognise the strong desire to resume racing and we are committed to supporting our schools, riders, event organisers, and doing our best within the intent of the guidelines to make this happen while ensuring the events remain financially sustainable and offer an appropriate level of competition.

We are doing our best to give the events a chance to go ahead however we understand our timelines around a final decision may not work for everyone.  Schools are empowered to make their own decisions with regards to supporting these events and if our decisions will come too late for some then we understand they will need to make their own decision on whether to attend or not. If you have entered and wish to withdraw your entry then please contact


There has been a great deal of work behind the scenes and below summarises our current stance. We extend our thanks to our Event Organisers who fully support this update. 

  • To give these events the best chance of going ahead, we will defer any final decision on all the above events until Monday 14th September following the planned announcement from the government on any change to the Alert Levels.


  • If the government announce that the host region will drop to Level 1 on Thursday 17th September, with no restrictions on mass gatherings then the events will go ahead as planned (subject to the conditions below).


  • If the government announce that the host region will remain at Level 2 but will increase mass gatherings to a minimum of 500 then all events reserve the right to review planning and if possible, implement necessary changes for the events to be held supporting the intent of the guidelines.


  • If the government extend Level 2 any further than Thursday 17th September and/or do not extend the mass gathering numbers the events will be cancelled.


Additional Conditions:


  • School Road Nationals: The financial sustainability of this event will also be considered on Monday. There are currently not enough entries received for this event to go ahead.  Entries close on Friday so we ask that any schools intending to enter show this intent prior to Friday to enable an informed decision to be made alongside the Alert Levels.


  • Restrictions on Auckland residents: If the government continue to advise Aucklanders’ (or any other region) to consider avoiding gatherings of more than 10 outside of their region, the events reserve the right to either cancel if it becomes financial unsustainable without these entrants or remove the championship titles and continue to deliver a non-championship event.


  • Refunds: Event Organisers are committed where possible to provide a full refund to entry fees that have been paid in the event is cancelled.


  • In the event that the Alert Level change again prior to the schedule start date, Event Organisers reserve the right to amend or cancel the event to align with the government guidelines at that time.
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